Another winner from Merck

17 April 2014

Merck launched Xirallic NXT, one of a new generation of its acclaimed hi-tech effect pigments, at the beginning of April at the American Coatings Show. For many years, Merck has maintained a position as market leader in pearlescent pigments. This is largely due to Xirallic, the brand predominantly used in automotive finishes. Merck is the only company to deliver this specific, aluminium oxide-based technology.

Xirallic NXT Panthera Silver, named and styled after wild cats, is a dark grey and can be used to create a bluish metallic look, impressing with its vibrant sparkle combined with a pronounced shimmer.

A further colour option will follow before the end of 2014. Production of the Xirallic product line takes place in Onahama (Japan) and in Gernsheim (Germany).

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