Anton Paar introduces ‘World of Rheology’

13 November 2014

World of Rheology – Everything flows, but what is behind it all?

Rheology is the science of the flow and deformation behaviour of all kinds of materials. The new knowledge and information platform ‘World of Rheology’ by Anton Paar is exclusively focused on this topic. Besides a comprehensive rheology glossary, videos and eLearning courses are available to explain the basics of rheology in a simple and understandable way. The ‘World of Rheology’ also provides quick answers to questions like ‘How do I perform rheological measurements on materials like chocolate, wall paints, hair gel, etc and for what purpose?’

It makes this knowledge accessible for those who are interested in the form of eLearning courses, videos, detailed explanations and a glossary. Furthermore, seminars, trainings and webinars are offered that can be attended online or directly at the corresponding Anton Paar subsidiary.

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