Anton Paar launches Tosca 200

28 August 2019

Tosca 200 is the latest addition to the Tosca series, which now consists of Tosca 400, a large-sample, premium AFM and Tosca 200, an AFM for medium-sized samples and budget-sensitive research.

Both devices feature the same high level of automation, increasing the efficiency and significantly simplifying the handling of AFM measurements.

Following the introduction of Tosca 400 in 2017 as the first AFM that combined premium technology with time-efficient operation for large samples, Anton Paar now launches Tosca 200, an AFM for medium-sized samples and budget-sensitive research but providing the same quality and flexibility.

The features that make the difference are:

  • Fast and safe cantilever exchange: Probemaster is a unique tool specifically developed for cantilever handling that saves time and guarantees the fast, safe, and correct placement of the cantilever.
  • Automatic laser alignment: Tosca carries out this procedure automatically with just two clicks in the control software.
  • State-of-the-art sample navigation: Navigation on an overview map only by mouse-click. This facilitates the localisation of the right measuring area, especially when working with more than one sample.
  • The easiest engagement procedure: The integrated side-view camera enables live tracking of the cantilever position with respect to the surface on the main screen, so the coarse approach of the probe is fast and safe. The auto-engagement is then performed within seconds.
  • Magnetic sample carrier lock for fast sample mounting: Multiple samples can be placed on the sample carrier outside of the instrument and the lock guarantees a stable position of the samples.
  • Short time-to-result: The workflow-oriented Tosca Control software guides the user thorough every step of the measurement, so that the final results are obtained faster and the user can focus on the interpretation and further research.

With its focus on performance and measurement efficiency, Tosca believes both instruments in the series are the perfect nanotechnology tools for scientists, as well as industrial users.

More information about Tosca, its accessories, and the possibility to directly contact an expert for further advice can be found on

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