Arkema : Coatex at the ACS event in Indianapolis

24 April 2012

A world-leading designer and producer of waterborne rheology additives, Coatex will showcase its innovative and robust range of dispersing agents and thickeners at Booth 500 of the American Coatings Show 2012, to be held in Indianapolis, Indiana May 8 – 10th, 2012.

With over 40 years of expertise in rheological additives for aqueous formulations, Coatex is a leading technology / solution partner to the global coatings market. Recent innovations focus on key current issues that today’s Paint Formulators are challenged with, such as reduction of emissions (VOC), sustainable formulating and TiO2 optimisation.

"For the waterborne coating market, Coatex provides a full range of products & technical solutions to ensure customers the best performance in terms of color acceptance, storage stability, and water resistance," says Francois Court, Marketing Director – Coatex Group. "These dispersing agents & thickeners perform efficiently at low levels and bring added value to waterborne paints throughout the manufacturing process, during storage and application, and furthermore enhances the end performance of the coating."

Coatex offers a robust line of solutions to meet the Coating Market’s unique needs:

COAPUR™: a line of associative polyurethane thickeners which cover the full spectrum of rheology profiles, from newtonian to pseudoplastic, delivering exceptional flow & leveling behaviour. The COAPUR™ XS series presents unmatched colour acceptance performance. COAPUR™ thickeners are free of VOCs, APEO (alkyl phenol ethoxylate) surfactants, and heavy metals.

POLYPHOBE™ & RHEOTECH™: ranges of associative acrylic thickeners to match a variety of requirements faced by the Paint & Coating formulator. In-can appearance, syneresis control, and outstanding thickening effectiveness are key properties of these thickeners.

VISCOATEX™: range of acrylic thickeners, broadly used due to their robustness & versatility.

ECODIS™: a line of dispersing agents recommended when both outstanding shelf life and cost/performance ratio are required for medium to high PVC formulations.

COADIS™: a range of dispersing agents designed to meet specific requirements of coatings such as gloss, corrosion- or scrub-resistance. COADIS™ dispersing agents are recommended for a variety of pigments.

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