Axalta kicks off European roadshow to announce new additions to all-in-one anticorrosion portfolio

26 April 2022

Axalta, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, has hosted the first instalment of its European roadshow, in which it unveiled its new series of anticorrosion solutions for every possible requirement, confirming its status as the only single-point provider of thermoplastic, thermosetting and liquid coating solutions.

At a European tour kick off event that took place at Parc Olympique Lyonnais in the French city of Lyon, a select group of customers, journalists and industry stakeholders were given a sneak preview of the latest groundbreaking additions to the Axalta range of anticorrosion solutions. These include:

  • Alesta® ZeroZinc Uniprime – a universal primer that enables the use of a single primer for any substrate
  • Abcite® 2060 – a single-layer anticorrosion solution that can be applied with flame spray technology
  • AquaEC™ 3500 EP- the latest generation of cathodic tin-free electrodeposition coatings which offers superior corrosion protection performance for sharp edges
  • Plascoat® PPA 742 primer – a single layer thermoplastic that can be used as primer and is specifically designed to be overcoated with Alesta® topcoat

These latest product arrivals build on the success of its existing anticorrosion product portfolio, which comprises a full suite of solutions across its Abcite®, Plascoat®, Alesta® ZeroZinc, and AquaEC ranges, to accommodate an increasingly specific variety of anticorrosion requirements.

Pascal Nicard, Senior Global Technology Manager at Axalta, commented: "This announcement is a pivotal moment within the anticorrosion industry. We recognise that customer needs are continuously changing and have developed an environmentally-friendly all-in-one anticorrosion offer that can accommodate the requirements of any project, no matter how harsh the environment. Drawing on 150 years of expertise within industrial coatings and insights from our global customer base, we are the only business that can provide the full range of protection through our portfolio of thermoplastic, thermosetting and liquid anticorrosion solutions, which offer full compliance from an international regulatory standpoint.”

Those in attendance were introduced to Axalta’s full suite of digital tools and educational resources aimed at providing the clearest and simplest route to optimal surface coating results. By providing customers with the full range of information on the technical aspects of Axalta’s product range, Axalta is making the process of identifying and implementing the best possible solutions as streamlined as possible.

Pascal Nicard continued: "Our goal is to partner with our customers throughout the entirety of their anticorrosion journey, helping them to navigate their way to exceptional surface coating by equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. We believe in making this journey as straightforward as possible and are committed to supporting customers through a combination of educational materials, training programmes, and dedicated technical support. In doing so, we empower them to apply products in a way that maximises productivity, efficiency, and quality.

The event also highlighted the importance of sustainability within the context of anticorrosion. An increased focus on the environment has played a significant role in the design of this latest range of anticorrosion solutions, all of which are ISO 12944-6/9 accredited and provide exceptional performance and aesthetics without the use of solvent materials.

Pascal Nicard concluded: "The importance of meeting the sustainability requirements of the market cannot be overstated and we believe our solutions can play an integral part in the preservation of the planet and its resources by extending the life of surfaces in a range of demanding environments. Providing greater levels of surface protection is more cost-effective and efficient for our customers in the long term, eliminating the costly requirement for materials to be replaced. Effective anticorrosion coatings must not come at the expense of the environment, which is why our solutions offer full compliance with environmental regulations across the globe, giving customers peace of mind from both a performance and environmental compliance perspective.”

For more information about the Axalta anticorrosion offer, please click here.

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