BASF offers Joncryl emulsions

10 March 2014

BASF has launched two Joncryl products for water-based inks and overprint varnishes (OPV) used in the paper and corrugated board industry.

Joncryl 8053 and Joncryl 633-E expand BASF’s portfolio with two water-based styrene acrylic emulsions. Due to their high efficiency, the two products allow inks and OPVs to be manufactured at lower cost but with the same high quality and performance.

Joncryl 8053 is a low cost-in-use film-forming emulsion. As an effective film former, Joncryl 8053 ensures that less soft emulsion is needed in the final ink or OPV formulation to achieve the required properties. It also enables the printing companies to add extra water in their ink or OPV formula without losing application properties.

The product provides high viscosity in the end formulation and can be diluted down to average viscosity without losing application properties. Moreover it features good gloss and transparency in ink and OPV formulations.

Joncryl 633-E is an opaque acrylic emulsion that can replace up to 75% TiO2 in white inks for corrugated board and natural kraft substrates. As the mileage of the ink improves thereby, significant cost savings can be achieved. In coloured inks for paper, board and corrugated board, Joncryl 633-E offers good hiding of the brown substrate, which results in bright colours. The inks produced with Joncryl 633-E are fast-drying and show good resolubility.

Moreover they provide good water and rub resistance.

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