Baxendon adds to Witcobond range

04 December 2012

Baxenden Chemicals Limited, a subsidiary of Chemtura Corporation, has introduced a series of hydroxyl-functional polyurethane dispersions into the Witcobond range.
These anionic products are intended for two-component (2K) coating systems, primarily for use in an industrial environment such as OEM, where heat-curing or stoving conditions can be employed. They must be crosslinked with water-dispersible polyisocyanates, aqueous blocked isocyanates or melamine-formaldehyde (MF) resins typically used in the water-based coatings industry. When formulated correctly, protective coatings, with high gloss and clarity, can be obtained on a variety of substrates including, plastics, primed metals, concrete and masonry.
The new products do not contain surfactants, N-methylpyrrolidone (NMP) or triethylamine (TEA).
Three initial grades are offered, each at 35% by weight solids and with a hydroxyl (OH) content of 2.5% (on solids).

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