X-Rite introduces RM200QC spectrocolorimeter

04 December 2012

X-Rite, Incorporated has introduced the RM200QC handheld spectrocolorimeter to give companies an inexpensive yet powerful way to record and communicate colour differences to speed the introduction of new products and reduce instances of scrap.
The handheld RM200QC simplifies how textile, coatings, chemicals, plastic moulding and other industries can compare the colours of lab samples or parts in production with reference standards, then create reports that can be shared with supply chain partners.
The RM200QC has proven useful for setting colour standards and enhancing productivity for Poppin, Inc, a New York City-based company that designs desk sets, pens and pencils, and paper products in-house for manufacture in China. "We set ourselves apart from the big-box competition partly through the use of vibrant, eye-catching colours defined by Pantone," said Poppin Vice President Roger Cole. Cole said Poppin manufacturing personnel use the RM200QC as a quality control device to monitor colour deviation between items in production and the Pantone standard colour. Using L*a*b* data generated by the RM200QC, Poppin has been able to reduce the difference between what New York designers stipulate and what is manufactured in China.
Further, Poppin personnel like the fact that the pocket-sized RM200QC can be carried easily on international trips and that it measures colours accurately and quickly.

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