Clariant raises the bar for sustainable coatings solutions with new additives, dispersants and pigments available now to the North American Market

14 May 2020

As we enter a new decade, where the environment will be an increased focus for businesses and consumers around the world, Clariant is stepping up to the challenge and supporting the industry with a full suite of more sustainable additives and coatings solutions.

"Clariant’s strategy in the next decade prioritizes sustainability across the value chain. We have four new sustainability designators to make it easy for customers to identify key product advantages, including Vita, for products from a natural origin with a high renewable content. One of our new ‘Vita’ additives is being introduced this year as an example of product offerings to come,” said Tyler Kilgannon, Head of Sales, BU Additives North America.

Bring out the Wonder in Wood, Naturally

As North America continues its long tradition of using wood to build homes, and interior features, Ceridust® 1060 Vita is a bio-based wax additive for furniture, flooring, window frames and beams. It is based on renewable, non-food competing feedstock and delivers the smooth non-slip, soft-touch and high scratch resistance expected from a high-quality protective finish. Formulators also benefit from its easy dispersion. It can also be used for powder coatings to combine the warmth of wood with modern design trends such as bright and bold colors.

In addition to carrying the Vita designation, Ceridust 1060 Vita is certified by the prestigious EcoTain® label for products that have undergone a screening process using 36 social, environmental and economic criteria, exceeding sustainability market standards and offering best-in-class performance.

Our cities are becoming greener with more trees and plants including the materials that make up our modern buildings. Our solutions are following the trend. Hostavin® 3315 Disp and Hostavin 3070 Disp are next generation, high-performance label-free UV absorbers, also with EcoTain certification, for waterborne coatings with improved weathering. And, for those looking to create naturally inspired and in vogue wood stains, allowing deep color concentration without obscuring the wood grain pattern, Clariant is launching multiple systems to meet waterborne, solventborne and UV curable coloration trends.

Superior Architectural Solutions

From colours in the home to bold façade paints that brighten up cityscapes, Dispersogen® PLF 100 is an innovative low-foaming dispersing agent that helps ensure the color "wow” factor. It’s another Clariant sustainable solution that holds our Ecotain label, being low VOC (< 1% in ISO 11890-2), free of organic solvents and suitable for eco-labels. It’s also high performance, helping to improve efficiency for paste producers, even when using hard-to-disperse red pigment concentrates, meaning no snail trails on colored paints or time or expense needed for repeat coats to cover them up.

"As we all become part of the growing North American movement in home and community design that is focused on sustainability and immersive wellness, powerful innovation, research and development opportunities are emerging. We’re proud to be at the forefront of industry sustainability, driving these trends,” concluded Jeff McManus, Business Director, North America, BU Industrial and Consumer Specialties.

A new offering in architectural and industrial coatings is theHostaperm® Yellow H3G 02, a "Next Generation Pigment” Yellow 154. With a lower cost of use due to an increased efficiency in the production process, it provides a higher color strength in both waterborne and solvent borne coatings than current grades on the market. In addition, and to meet the trends toward sustainability, Hostaperm Yellow H3G 02 can be co-dispersed with inorganic pigments in waterborne coatings with a dissolver only, another example of Clariant’s commitment to more sustainable solutions.

To learn more about some of these new products for the North American market, please click on the links below or visit the Clariant’s NORAM Coatings Hub where you will have access to the latest product presentations, webinars and news.

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