Co-blending phosphate inhibitors for sustainable, low-cost corrosion control

01 August 2022

Ella Newington, Hexigone Inhibitors, discusses how, with independent research and industry testing, Intelli-ion works synergistically with phosphate-based systems to offer environmental and cost benefits

As professionals working within the coatings industry, we are all acutely aware of the issues that corrosion poses and want to provide our customers and end-users with the best quality products to tackle this US$2.2trn global issue. Anti corrosion coatings have become a necessity for industries to safeguard the huge investments they make in terms of money, property and safety of workers. Whether coating to protect pipelines, aeroplanes or computer gadgets – customers are united in their battle against corrosion. Historically, some of the most effective corrosion inhibitors have been based on chromium. However, these chemistries are currently being phased out globally – leaving a gap in the market for a highly effective inhibitor that is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. Following strong R&D efforts and lengthy extended testing, many coatings companies have turned to phosphate-based systems. This article highlights a step-change alternative that can save 10-30% on the cost of anti-corrosives as well as offering more sustainable coatings that require no hazard warning label.

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