Colour and the environment of accountability

15 February 2023

Montaha Hidefi, Vice President for Colour Forecasting at Color Marketing Group, enlightens PPCJ readers with colour forecasts for Asia Pacific and beyond for 2023

The rich parallels and latitudes among the fabric of societies that make up the Asia Pacific region are as intriguing as they are diversified. However, this diversity does not create boundaries when it comes to the consumption of colour and design, but rather enhances local, regional, and individual experiences. While we could argue that discomfort levels resulting from the many aspects of the “new” daily lives, may linger post-pandemic before they can get under control, the region seems to share a common sense of positivity as we move forward into the near future. Admittedly, the Asia Pacific region has lived through several epidemics and endured their adverse effects, but the most recent pandemic may have inferred a clearer notion of what is considered most important in people’s lives. This is palpable in the positions taken by individuals, communities, corporations, and governments that are developing a higher sense of responsibility and accountability for the safety and wellbeing of humans, animals, and the planet.

Colour Marketing Group® (CMG) members and colour professionals that contributed to the 2023+ Asia Pacific Colour Forecast, acknowledged and discussed matters with major impacts on colour and design preferences as we approach 2023. They identified the “environment of accountability” as a crucial influence on the colour and aesthetics landscape as we evolve into a new season of colour, materials and finishes. The issues of long-lasting mental health challenges, financial insecurity, institutional controls, video tracking and digital tracing topped the list of concerns for the region.

Read the full report here: Montaha Hidefi Aug 2022

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