Coval Technologies moves to new Singapore HQ

12 February 2023

Coval Technologies recently moved to a new office space in Singapore.

The new address is 3 Fusionopolis Place, #04-54 Galaxis Work Loft, Singapore 138523. Coval produces long-lasting, sustainable, nanotechnology coatings for a wide variety of substrates.

Coval is increasing its impact in south east Asia and the world. With assistance from Enterprise Singapore, Coval attended both the Architect and Building Service show in Singapore, The Big 5 Building and Construction Show in Dubai in 2022 and World of Concrete in Las Vegas in January 2023. The impression it made on potential clients at the shows created a need for a larger sales force and support staff and thus, a new, larger office space. To reach Coval, the new phone number is +65 6568 3903.

Coval produced its first batches of coatings in Singapore in October 2022, after moving its headquarters to Singapore from Houston, Texas in March 2022. Its products create a covalent bond which will not flake or peel and form a new, extremely hard and chemical resistant surface, ensuring easy cleaning without harsh chemicals or considerable manpower.

Additional international opportunities that Coval is pursuing include exhibitions in Jakarta, Indonesia, February 23-26, at the MegaBuild Expo; in Manila, Philippines, March 16-19 at WorldBex, and then back to Singapore on March 28-30 for the BuildTech Asia show. Other exhibitions are planned for Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Dubai later in 2023.

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