CPMA launches sustainability and innovation initiative

05 June 2024

The Color Pigments Manufacturers Association (CPMA) announced the launch of its Sustainability and Innovation Committee at its spring Board meeting held on May 2 at the 2024 American Coatings Show in Indianapolis, IN.

CPMA Board Chair Aaron Hollman, discussed the importance of sustainability to the colour pigments industry and CPMA’s critical role in providing a forum to promote and advance sustainable colour solutions for the future. CPMA’s sustainability initiative is aimed at working with the colour pigments value chain and advocating for sustainable solutions that incorporate colour as a key component in a wide range of applications, such as printing inks, packaging, plastics, paints and coatings, building materials, cosmetics and personal care products.

“We are excited to launch this new committee, which reflects CPMA’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the colour industry. The CPMA Sustainability and Innovation Committee will advance our strategic initiative to promote sustainability principles, innovation and solutions in North America. We look forward to working with our members and value chain partners to achieve our vision of a colourful and sustainable world,” said Hollman, CPMA Board Chair.

Hollman announced that Thomas Farrell, VP Sustainability at Penn Color, Inc., will be the chair of the CPMA Sustainability and Innovation Committee, and that Nikola Juhasz, Ph.D, Global Technical Director, Sustainability at Sun Chemical Corporation, will be the Vice Chair.


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The committee has established its 2024 goals and objectives based on current trends, regulatory challenges and opportunities and developed a comprehensive roadmap to inform and engage with key stakeholders in the value chain, including raw materials suppliers, pigments manufacturers, processors and converters, plastic masterbatch companies, brand owners, recyclers and other partners. This engagement is crucial for aligning expectations, clarifying requirements, and working together to identify and achieve common goals and find sustainable solutions.

“I am honoured to chair the CPMA Sustainability and Innovation Committee and look forward to engaging in productive dialogues with our members and value chain partners, from the raw material suppliers to the brand owners, converters and recyclers. We have a great opportunity to work together to foster innovation and advance sustainable colour solutions that enable future generations to enhance their lives with colour, ” said Farrell, Committee Chair.

“I am delighted to serve as Vice Chair of the committee and look forward to helping advance critical sustainability initiatives that serve our industry, customers and markets, and the society and environment around us. In the context of a rapidly evolving legislative and regulatory landscape, it is important to understand the pressures and requirements that will affect the various colour markets, to educate the value chain about the challenges and opportunities that we face as an industry, and to tackle these step by step,” said Juhasz.

As part of its initiative, CPMA is planning to hold an industry sustainability forum later this year. For more information and how to get engaged, please visit www.pigments.org or contact CPMA at cpma@cpma.com

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