Cytec expands its Crylcoat resin range

15 October 2012

Cytec Industries has announced that it will present its Crylcoat polyester resins at the annual meeting of the Powder Coating & Finishing Industry and Powder Coating Show in Wuhan, China on October 22.
The featured Crylcoat E 04279 and 4648-0 resins are able to meet the existing market needs in China for: improved process efficiency through its ability to fully cure at 150o-160oC within 10min, excellent weathering resistance and blooming resistance and an ability to coat at various thicknesses, an improvement of the standard powder coating system.
"The lower curing temperature cuts down on time and energy needed by high temperature curing. This translates into an increased production rate and cost savings,” explained Ms Supunnee Supeerapat, Cytec’s Technical Service and Development Manager, Asia Pacific.

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