Datacolor announces CHECK 3

13 March 2015

Datacolor has announced the launch of the CHECK 3 portable spectrophotometer. The completely redesigned CHECK 3 builds on Datacolor’s history of providing portable spectrophotometers for the formulation and quality control needs of colour professionals in the paint, coatings, plastic and textile industries. The instrument delivers industry leading colour measurement performance, while offering correlation to Datacolor’s 600 series of benchtop instruments.

Features include a redesigned user-interface with a modern and easy-to-navigate colour LCD display. The instrument also includes an LED illuminated viewing port, enabling users to precisely position samples and ensure accurate measurement. The change to a horizontal configuration allows measurement in height constrained areas. All these features contribute to improve the user experience during operation.

With an enhanced two-way Bluetooth interface, CHECK 3 allows the user to seamlessly transfer standards and batches back and forth between the instrument and Tools, Datacolor’s colour quality control software. Sample measurements can also be initiated from Tools when connected via Bluetooth. These features allow quick transfer of colour data, enabling users to make colour decisions more efficiently. The USB feature gives users flexibility in how they choose to manage their data.

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