Discover Clariant’s new Ceridust® 8170 M PTFE-free texturing agent for powder coatings

20 October 2023

Rising concerns about the impact of PFAS on human health and the environment have led to a growing demand for PTFE alternatives. As part of this trend, Clariant has launched Ceridust 8170 M, a PFAS/PTFE-free agent with texturing effects for Architectural Powder Coatings.

For use on window frame and fence surfaces to furniture and bicycle rims, the new additive delivers excellent performance in dark and light colours with no extrudate swelling, and with the ability for gloss and texturing levels to be adjusted.

Ceridust 8170 M complies with the European Union’s REACH legislation. It can also help to lower energy consumption during the extrusion process.

Regulations around the world are increasingly targeting PFAS-related compounds. Currently under public consultation, the European Union has developed legislation to further restrict or ban PFAS products from as early as 2026. Japan’s environment agency has approved a ban on the manufacture, import and use of 56 PFOA- related compounds under the country’s Chemical Substance and Control Law while the U.S. EPA wants to designate PFOAs and PFOS as “hazardous substances” under the federal Superfund law.


View from the US: Don’t look now, but PFAS is EVERYWHERE!

“As a sustainability front-runner, Clariant is taking a proactive, pro-safety and pro-environment approach to help customers navigate this uncertain and fast-moving landscape. With Ceridust 8170 M, the challenge was to create a product for texturing effects in powder coatings that was PTFE-free and that offered equal performance to PTFE-containing predecessors,” said Simon Bodendorfer, Technical Business Development Manager at Clariant.

“As PTFE-free additives will soon be a major business imperative, we’re proud to have developed this leading alternative for Architectural Powder Coatings.”

In this respect, Clariant’s “Coatings Innovation Center” is newly open for business and ready to engage with customers in collaborative projects. The ground-breaking, state-of-the-art R&D facility, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, is supporting high-performance and sustainable additive development for North America’s paints and coatings industry. Applications developed with Ceridust can be tested at this facility.

Ceridust 8170 M is the latest addition to the growing Ceridust portfolio of additives that offer solutions focused on today’s challenges of minimising environmental impact and maximising product performance. Clariant’s PTFE-free solutions include polyethylene waxes and a bio-based wax blend, all with proven success in replacing PE/PTFE additives.

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