Dow scientist comes top in Roon Awards

14 May 2014

Dow Coating Materials’ principal research scientist, Zhenwen Fu, has received first place in the prestigious Roon Awards competition, part of the 2014 American Coatings Conference held in April.

The Roon Awards are designed to recognise the best technical papers representing original scientific and innovative research directly related to the protective coatings industry.

Zhenwen’s technical paper, ‘Designed Hybridization: A Paradigm Shift in New Latex Polymer Coatings,’ focuses on recent research findings on how the Designed Hybridization Technology creates hybrid latex polymers for coatings.

Through extensive research, Zhenwen discovered a novel acrylic/epoxy hybrid dispersion that incorporates the best features of both waterborne conventional epoxy dispersion and acrylic latex systems for impactful performance formulation in concrete floor and wall coatings.

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