DSM to launch a new low bake/fast cure matte architectural HAA powder coating resin

25 August 2016

After the successful introduction of the EasyCure General Industry low bake/fast cure matte system in 2015, DSM now launches the low bake/fast cure matte Architectural HAA system, Uralac® EasyCure P 3223 & P 3228. The innovative Uralac EasyCure P 3223 & P 3228 dry blend polyesters offer a unique combination of coating benefits delivering good appearance, good outdoor durability, non-blooming, good gloss consistency and good storage stability. Uralac EasyCure low bake/fast cure matte Architectural is leading the next generation of low bake/fast curing resins for matte Architectural applications.
Uralac EasyCure P 3223 & P 3228 have been developed to solve the major drawback of low bake/fast curing dry blends giving a poor appearance. Curing Uralac EasyCure P 3223 & P 3228 at lower temperatures or with shorter times allows the same excellent appearance and coating properties that current dry blend systems offer at 20°C higher cure temperatures.
Fredrik Hjelmqvist, Managing Director Powder, Can and Coil Coating Resins explains: "Uralac EasyCure dry blend matte Architectural was developed in response to the market demand for low-, faster curing matte coatings with an excellent appearance and outdoor durability. The system reduces the carbon footprint without compromising the high standard of coating properties. This new low-, faster temperature technology is the latest in a series of exciting DSM innovations that continue to strengthen the competitiveness, and grow the market, for powder coating solutions.”

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