Dutch UV floor curing equipment manufacturer Decorad Systems signs contract with American Ultraviole

31 July 2012

DecoRad Systems and American Ultraviolet have reached an exclusive distribution agreement regarding on-site UV curing equipment. American Ultraviolet will be the sole distributor of the DecoRad Floormate and DecoRad Handmate systems in North and South America. Both companies will continue their existing relationships with coating companies throughout Europe and in the USA.

On-site UV curing
DecoRad Systems is well known for its portable UV-curing (ultraviolet) systems and developed a user friendly and safe tool to work with. The on-site UV curing market is progressing at rapid pace. Many coating manufacturers are testing their formulations in the field; some of them already launched their product. UV curing is known in the industry for many years. Automotive, printing and various other industries successfully use UV to directly cure inks and coatings. Due to photo-initiators that are added to the coating, an immediate curing process starts when the coating is exposed to the right dose UV light. Large chemical companies started developing photopolymer coatings for on-site use several years ago, but UV curing equipment was not matching market requirements. Having the right piece of equipment is vital for market acceptance by floor contractors.

Benefits of UV
The largest benefit of applying UV in any process is speed. Both residential and commercial floor owners can use their facilities the same day, because several coating layers can be applied in one day. UV coatings tend to have better characteristics then traditional coatings, for example scratch resistance. Today’s UV coatings contain zero or very limited VOCs, therefore maintaining a positive impact on the environment. The floor contractors save a lot of time and money, not having to wait for the coating to dry or wasting fuel and time by driving to and from the job-site several times. Great benefits can be achieved by curing coatings with UV.

Distribution in the USA
Mr. Meredith Stines, President and CEO of American Ultraviolet, recognized DecoRad products as "the best equipment, with the most features, for the best price, in the UV floor curing market,” and requested a partnership with DecoRad Systems. After all possibilities of future cooperation were discussed, Mr Rob Muller, Managing Director of DecoRad Systems, concluded that, "American Ultraviolet is the right partner and has the best network in the America’s, so sales and product support is guaranteed.”

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