Eco-efficient solutions from Clariant

14 December 2011

Clariant highlighted a range of eco-efficient solutions for high performance at the recent Chinacoat under the motto ‘Reliable performance. Innovation that inspires’. Key products shown included:

  • Hostaperm Pink E2Y, a quinacridone magenta pigment made by Clariant in China. It has high colour strength and good light and weather fastness in a wide range of concentrations. Following strict quality control procedures and specifications, this product fulfils the requirements of many coatings applications and is well-suited for water-based and solvent-based paint systems.
  • Easily Dispersible (ED) Pigment. ED pigments are organic pigments that have been surface-treated with an additive. This additive leads to the ‘ED effect’, meaning that they can be easily incorporated into the paint system with a dissolver and without an additional milling step. Clariant offers three ranges: EDS pigments for solvent-based industrial paints, EDU pigments for solvent- and water-based industrial paints and EDW pigments for water-based decorative paints.
  • Ceridust, Licowax and Licocene waxes are incorporated in paints, coatings and ink to achieve or improve properties, such as sandability, smoothness, hand feel, anti-scratch and water repellency. Virtually insoluble in water they are attacked only very slowly by micro-organisms in water and cause no significant biological oxygen demand.

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