EvoBus to use CathoGuard 900

18 January 2013

Trucks, heavy-duty vans, buses – BASF is not only the leading coatings manufacturer in the passenger car sector. The company also provides a full range of coating systems for manufacturers of commercial and transportation vehicles.

CathoGuard 900 is the latest cathodic e-coat from BASF. Daimler subsidiary EvoBus is now changing from CathoGuard 500 to CathoGuard 900 at its plants.

CathoGuard 900 is low in solvents, tin-free, contains no hazardous air pollutants and already complies with European legislation that comes into force in 2015. "Daimler is totally committed to environmentally friendly product solutions,” said Carsten Vietze, head of Truck and Bus Europe at BASF.

In addition to its anti-corrosion and environmentally friendly properties, CathoGuard 900 also has a wider range of curing temperatures.

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