Evonik: Bright prospects for matte paints

14 May 2014

With its new hydroxyalkylamide crosslinker, Vestagon EP-HA 368, Evonik has developed a cost effective matting concept for the powder coating market.

Customers can now benefit from a one-shot production process for manufacturing matte HAA powder coatings. Compared to the traditional dry blend method a modified process using the hardener allows manufacturers to save time and resources. This less complex manufacturing process requires only three process steps instead of four.

The standard hydroxyalkylamide crosslinker is substituted by Vestagon EP-HA 368. This results in a robust gloss reduction using a one shot process that provides a weather resistant coating with a smooth finish.

This year, Degalan VP P34, the next generation of heat-sealable bead polymers, will be launched. Degalan VP P34 can be applied directly to aluminium foil.


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