Expanded production of graphene nanotube suspensions in China to upgrade coatings

13 March 2024

Nan Chang Xinsu Nano Materials, OCSiAl’s OEM in China, has launched a new production line for TUBALL™ COAT_E and TUBALL™ LATEX waterborne graphene nanotube suspensions to meet the demand from customers in Asia, Europe and the USA. These ready-to-use solutions based on TUBALL™ graphene nanotubes are specifically designed for the manufacture of various types of high-performance conductive coatings made of epoxy, acrylic, polyester, polyurethane and latex, as well as anti-static thermoplastic products.

The ultralow nanotube dosage, combined with its unique properties and easy-to-handle liquid form, make it possible to produce more functional, sustainable and environmentally friendly products without significant adjustments in the manufacturing process. The key properties granted by nanotubes are a permanent, stable surface resistivity of 105–108 Ohm/sq independent of humidity and temperature, maintained mechanical properties, absence of free carbon particle release to the material’s surface, bright colours and a transparency of up to 90%—all these make graphene nanotubes the ultimate solution for high-performance sustainable coating products.


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Ian Fellows, CEO, OCSiAl USA, said: “Nanotube-empowered coatings are already well explored by manufacturers worldwide, a testament to the unrivaled added value of the product and much simplified technological process compared to conventional solutions.” Applications include automotive polyurethane synthetic leather for anti-dust, more durable, safer interiors; anti-static latex coatings for ESD protective wear that fully complies with EN 16350; PET protective film coatings for packaging; gloves with touchscreen compatibility; and anti-static thermoplastic articles.

The launch of the new production line by Nan Chang Xinsu Nano Materials has increased TUBALL™ suspension production capacity, contributing to the stability of the manufacturing and supply chains. “Coupled with continuous customer support services worldwide, it will also speed up technology adoption and improve the cost-efficiency and accessibility of nanotubes for our customers,” said Zhi Loyes, General Manager of Greater China and SEA at OCSiAl.

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