ExxonMobil Chemical introduces performance polymers platform for hot melt adhesives

16 September 2015

ExxonMobil Chemical is introducing a new platform of low viscosity Vistamaxx performance polymers for high-performance, cost-effective hot melt adhesives used in packaging, hygiene and assembly applications. Based on ExxonMobil’s proprietary metallocene technology, Vistamaxx polymers enable the development of a new generation of premium hot melt adhesive formulations that offer virtually odourless, trouble-free application for a more user-friendly work environment.

These polymers provide a range of properties for hot melt adhesives, including low density for more adhesive mileage. They enable clean hot melt formulations with good thermal stability, while offering a broad service temperature range, adhesion at extreme temperatures and the ability to tailor consistent tack to low and high energy substrates.

"Vistamaxx polymers offer a wide range of properties that help overcome many of the shortcomings of conventional hot melt adhesive backbones,” said Gertrud Masure, Vistamaxx Hygiene and Adhesives Segment Manager, ExxonMobil Chemical. "Because these polymers are made using our metallocene technology, formulators can create much cleaner and more reliable adhesives.”

The first grade introduced is Vistamaxx 8880, a low odour and low colour polymer for hot melt adhesives used in case and carton sealing, and other packaging and assembly applications. This new grade enables formulations with polymer loadings as high as 90%.

Using Vistamaxx 8880 allows the polymer loading to be about double that of formulations using ethylene vinyl acetate or metallocene polyethylene. This leads to significantly lower density, lighter weight formulations, which can provide cost savings as less product is used to create a stronger bond allowing more boxes to be secured with the same amount of adhesive.

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