Workshop hand cleaner from Henkel is now ultra-safe

16 September 2015

The superb cleaning power of the new Loctite SF 7855 hand cleaner belies its risk-free, non-toxic formulation. In seconds, it safely removes polyurethane, paint, resins, primers, adhesives, silicones, varnish and enamel.

Despite its newly-granted certification of conformity to European Cosmetics Regulations, this heavy duty, biodegradable hand cleaner remains as effective as previous generations of this product.

A small amount of the Loctite SF 7855 applied to dry hands will dissolve and loosen the paint or resin; it is then rinsed off with water. Harmless and sustainable abrasive particles assist its cleaning ability.

The formulation also includes aloe, lanolin, jojoba and vitamin E to condition the skin and keep hands free from irritation. As a result Loctite SF 7855 is suitable for frequent use.
It is light grey in colour, has a pleasant scent and is available in a 400ml bottle or 1.75 litre pump dispenser.

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