Fenchem announces rise in coating sales in Q1

14 April 2014

Fenchem’s coating department has reported a 30% increase in Q1 revenue yr-on-yr, mainly driven by its cellulose products business. Its nitrocellulose and cellulose ethers, achieved the strongest growth.
"We were pleased with our performance in Q1,” said Jian Sun, Sales Manager Coating Division, "we achieved very good sales growth in Middle South Asia and the Middle East market. Encouragingly, we saw a good start into fiscal 2014”.
Fenchem is devoted to global performance improvement and will continue to focus on the abundant opportunities presented in Europe and Africa markets. Its branch offices in Koln and Johannesburg are expected to strengthen its position as a qualified coatings raw materials supplier to the local construction industry.
Fenchem has traditionally supplied coating raw materials including nitrocellulose (Varnifm), cellulose ethers (Cellueast), C9-C5 resins (Resinow), hydrogenated petroleum resin and redispersible polymer powders.
United by the theme ‘Warm Your Future’, Fenchem showcased its raw materials for the coatings and construction industries at the American Coatings Show (April 8-10).

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