Glamorous & sustainable UV coatings

15 February 2012

Sustainability and glamour – can the two be combined? Very well in fact, as MiraFoil from Henkel shows. At topac GmbH, a company specialising in print products and carton packagings, the environmentally sustainable metallic-effect UV coating delivered convincing results in extensive practical trials.

"MiraFoil seemed especially interesting to us because it opens up a completely new approach to finishing,” said Susanne Klose, sales and marketing manager, topac in Gütersloh, Germany. "For one thing, the visual impact of a package is the decisive factor at the point of sale and MiraFoil already showed its strengths in this respect because of the variety of gloss effects it can produce. The other aspect is that Henkel also turns the spotlight on sustainability with this product.”

In flatbed or rotary screen and flexo printing processes with appropriate machine configurations, the coating can be applied inline just like standard UV coatings. This eliminates the effort required for hot or cold foil stamping – the extra work step, transporting of materials and the time involved. Another plus is its stability. Since the effect coating neither foams nor thickens, it can be left in the machine circuits for several days.

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