Hottinger Brüel & Kjær launches latest innovation in weighing equipment

09 January 2024

Hottinger Brüel & Kjær, the union of market leaders HBM and Brüel & Kjær, has launched its latest innovation in weighing – the FIT5X digital load cell.

For over seven decades, HBK has stood as a global pillar of precision, safety, reliability and quality in the weighing domain. Leveraging its product physics expertise, the FIT5X is specifically designed to revolutionise the control of the packaging process for manufacturers of rotary filling/dosing machines.

Cutting-edge digital control: The FIT5X surpasses the limitations of legacy single-point or analogue load cells. It emerges as an advanced digital load cell, merging a sophisticated filling/dosing algorithm with a control weighing function. Manufacturers can now benefit from advanced automation and increased precision in the filling process.

Intelligent interaction: Thanks to its digital inputs/outputs, the FIT5X provides intelligent interaction with triggers/actuators such as valves, paving the way for automated process control. This feature allows manufacturers to optimise operations, improve the consistency of finished products and ensure maximum yield from their rotary filling/dosing machines.

Evolution from FIT5A: As an evolution of the well-regarded FIT5A, the FIT5X brings crucial additional advantages. Its hermetically sealed construction, even in the sensing area, eliminates risks associated with external exposure, minimising contaminant accumulations and avoiding zero-point or linearity issues.

Simplicity and reliability: The FIT5X design emphasises simplicity and reliability. The absence of complex mechanical structures exposed externally, significantly reduces the risks of errors related to contaminant accumulation. This ensures not only consistent quality of finished products but also contributes to extending the operational life of the machine.

The obvious choice for Industry 4.0: In the context of Industry 4.0, the FIT5X stands out as the obvious choice for manufacturers of rotary filling/dosing machines looking to stay at the forefront of innovation. Its seamless integration with digital technologies, combined with its advanced features, positions manufacturers strongly to meet the changing market demands.

HBK’s FIT5X is more than just a load cell. With its proven technology for rotary filling machines, mature filling algorithm with specialised functions, hermetically sealed construction eliminating any risk of contaminants, and free PanelX software for in-depth analysis, precise adjustment, and optimal process control, the FIT5X redefines the standards of the industrial weighing industry. For machine manufacturers, it embodies a comprehensive, innovative, and reliable solution, anticipating the future of weighing with HBK, where technology and precision converge to redefine excellence.

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