hubergroup introduces a mineral oil-free printing ink programme

17 August 2012

This extends the hubergroup portfolio of consumer-friendly and sustainable products and increases the lead in mineral oil-free offset printing inks. Modern printing ink technology is mainly characterised by the use of vegetable oil-based, renewable raw materials instead of fossil raw materials.

In the current market situation print shops and brand owners could benefit from these new printing inks which are composed of about 80% of renewable raw materials. If their customers understand the advantages of convenience and the added value that comes with renewable raw materials both sides would benefit from a better image with regard to environment and global responsibility. Printing inks based on vegetable oil convince especially with their overall positive printing characteristics. This applies both to sheet-fed offset printing where this composition is state-of-the-art, and to web offset.

Hubergroup’s mineral oil-free printing inks, which work like standard printing inks in everyday printing practice, are REFLECTA, RESISTA and QUICKFAST for web offset with process inks, CORONA MGA and NATURA GA offset inks for packaging printing. EVOLUTION for heatset web offset, ECO NEWS for coldset web offset, PRINTLAC for sheet-fed and web offset and special inks for all kind of offset printing processes.

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