Huntsman to Showcase ALTIRIS Infrared Reflecting Pigment at ECS

11 March 2013

Huntsman Corporation will showcase ALTIRIS infrared reflecting pigment at the European Coatings Show in Nürnberg, Germany on 19-21 March.

ALTIRIS® pigment, Huntsman’s latest titanium dioxide pigment innovation, was developed in response to a global challenge to help reduce energy consumption. It is designed to increase the solar reflectance of colored coatings and polymers and is already winning industry awards.1 Buildings, vehicles and ships coated with solar reflective coatings can reflect the sun’s energy better, helping to keep interiors cooler. This helps to reduce energy needed to power cooling systems like air-conditioning.2

Dr. Robert Portsmouth, business development director at Huntsman said, "ALTIRIS® pigment is designed to substantially increase the solar reflectance properties of a very wide range of colored coatings and polymers and has the potential to deliver energy efficiencies. The pigment delivers a unique set of benefits: tailored solar reflectance from a single additive and in almost any color customers need. This combination was not available before Huntsman’s ALTIRIS® pigment."
Dr Portsmouth will present a technical paper concerning solar reflectance at the European Coatings Congress on March 18, 2013 and will deliver show-floor presentations about ALTIRIS® pigment at the European Coatings Show.

1. Made in the North East, UK Award, 2012; IChemE Award 2012 – both for product innovation
2. Monitoring the energy use effects of cool roofs on California commercial buildings: Akbari, Levinson, Konopaki, Rainer: 2004

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