IChemE announces NSChE as an Affiliate Society

13 October 2015

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has reached a formal agreement with the Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSChE), which sees them recognised as IChemE’s first Affiliate Society. IChemE President, Dr Andrew Jamieson, signed the agreement together with NSChE President, Prof Emenike Wami on August 29.

The Affiliate Society recognition is the first of its kind for IChemE, driven by the President’s desire to advance IChemE’s relationship with the Nigerian chemical engineering community; something he outlined during his Presidential address earlier in the year.

The forward work programme is intended to promote and extend professional, social and, where appropriate, commercial links between IChemE and NSChE. The agreement will benefit members of both organisations, with the aim to enhance the quality of engineering practice worldwide and advance the mobility of engineering practitioners.

The Affiliate Society endorsement is intended to ensure that the relationship between the two organisations is strong and enduring.

Dr Andrew Jamieson expressed his delight following the signing of the agreement: "IChemE’s mission is to advance chemical engineering worldwide and this agreement highlights our respect for NSChE’s position as the national focal point for chemical engineers. It also makes clear the commitment of both organisations to work together towards a shared vision.

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