IM Group's Foundation Chair donates art sculptures to support children's charities

03 September 2021

Malaysian-born artist Alice Chang Guerra, owner of Lai Lai Art Studio and Chair of IM GROUP Foundation, has revealed her latest artwork and initiative: "The Three Graces of Malaysia” to coincide with Malaysia’s 64th year of independence and to raise funds for children in need.

The three two-metre-high sculptures, currently on show in an exhibition—with fellow artist Datuk Luciano Mirri at Kuala Lumpur’s Four Points Hotel by Sheraton—are currently on sale. All proceeds will go through IM GROUP FOUNDATION, which is currently fundraising for autistic children in Malaysia.

Inspired by Antonio Canova’s neoclassical nineteenth century marble sculpture—"The Three Graces”—Guerra explained she was attracted to the story of the three daughters of Zeus, who were professed to be able to grant humanity with gifts; Euphrosyne (mirth), Aglaia (elegance) and Thalia (youth and beauty).


"I felt a connection that evolved strongly in me to produce a very personal work, as a woman; as a sister, daughter and mother — able to grant more than mirth, elegance and beauty but to represent strength, courage and determination — the mother of a nation, if not the world, who carries the generations to come,” specified Guerra, "The 3 Graces of Malaysia — Siti, Ah Lian and Shanti — represent the women of our nation tied by the harmony, cultural and racial diversity of our country.”

The art works, made from cement and recycled pieces of broken ceramics, symbolically carry a powerful message of global hope, as Alice explained, "the pandemic has had a tremendous impact on everyone at a phycological and professional level. The Three Malaysia Graces show that, even from broken pieces, we can rebuild a beautiful tomorrow.”

The recently rebranded IM GROUP (previously Inkmaker Group) which, with its combined strength of brands: Inkmaker, Rexson, Vale-tech, Swesa, Teko and Tecnopails offers total process-engineering solutions within the industries of paint, coatings, ink, speciality-chemicals, adhesives, corrugated packaging, food packaging, pharma, cosmetic, textiles and more — has a host of initiatives and activities, planned by IM GROUP Foundation for 2021, of working within the communities where it operates globally.

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