Imerys will showcase its state-of-the-art solutions for Plastics & Rubber at Fakuma 2023 Hall B5, booth 5106

02 October 2023

Imerys is a world leading supplier of speciality minerals, with best-in-class operations, delivering excellence and market-driven innovation to customers around the world. Its ambition is to become the trusted mineral partner that shapes the world with sustainable solutions.

With functional fillers and conductive additives at the heart of its presence at Fakuma 2023, Imerys will be promoting its latest innovations for Plastics and Rubber, as well as its offer of innovative mineral solutions designed to make everyday polymers more durable, environment friendly, lighter, easier to process and recycle and more cost-effective.

Harnessing the potential of minerals for enhanced Polymer performance

Whether it be promoting lightweighting, fostering recyclability, extending the lifespan or lowering the ecoprofile of the end product, sustainability is at the core of Imerys’ innovations for Plastics and Rubber markets.

Imerys is striving to provide solutions that accompany the transition towards a cleaner society by harnessing the potential of its extensive mineral portfolio to help address the environmental challenges customers are facing.

“At Fakuma 2023, we will showcase our broad portfolio of engineering solutions for plastics & rubber compounders, to follow the industry’s demands on recycling, construction and consumer goods. This includes our innovations such as ImerShield®, for intumescent flame retardants, and FilmLink® for thinner, tougher and more breathable films. It’s also an excellent opportunity to be closer to our customers and work together for future products,” said Marianna Voulgari, Sales Director for Polymers for Construction, Industrial and Consumer Goods.

“The 2023 edition of Fakuma will be an opportunity to meet our customers and highlight our state-of-the-art innovations designed to support the green energy and green mobility industries. Among others, we will be showcasing our Imerys Pioneer™ sustainability label and launching a new solution for thermosets, designed to improve mechanical, electrical and thermal performance, besides other engineered mineral solutions for thermoplastics and automotive,” noted Annelies Verwée, Sales Director for Polymers for Automotive.

Imerys’ state-of-the-art engineered solutions for Plastics & Rubber

Amongst the solutions Imerys will be proud to present:

● Nyad® M150 LV

Imerys’ Nyad® M150 LV wollastonite enables plastics compounders to take the performance of their resins to the next level in terms of mechanical and electrical properties, thermal resistance and chemical stability.

● High aspect ratio HAR® talcs for lightweighting

Imerys’ high aspect ratio HAR® talcs – including its latest development – increase compound stiffness enabling plastics compounders to downgauge parts whilst maintaining good impact and scratch performance. They are particularly prized by manufacturers of automotive parts and rigid packaging.

● Jetfine® 3 C talc for lighter, stronger biopolymers

Jetfine® 3 C is an ultrafine engineered mineral solution for biodegradable plastics which renders biopolymers fit for use as an alternative for conventional thermoplastics.

● Jetfine®T2 C low-carbon solution for polypropylene compounds

Jetfine® T2 C is an ultrafine talc, sourced in Europe, which has been designed to meet increasingly stringent impact and scratch resistance specifications while reducing the overall CO2 footprint of the end product.

● ImerShield® for intumescent flame retardants (FR)

ImerShield® is specially designed for use in plastic intumescent FR systems used in cell phones, computers, electric vehicles and household appliances, etc., where it allows for similar or improved FR ratings at reduced part thicknesses and at lower FR addition rates.

● FilmLink® for thinner, tougher and more breathable films

FilmLink® is an engineered treated ground calcium carbonate (GCC) which has been specifically designed to promote breathability in polymer films used for hygiene 2 products. FilmLink® also improves mechanical properties enabling manufacturers to downgauge films, and promoting faster throughput and reduced waste.

● ImerFlex® HAR® T20 for low-rolling resistance tires

ImerFlex® HAR® T20 is high aspect ratio talc which improves the impermeability of inner liners. Used in partial replacement of carbon black, it provides improved barrier properties which enable tire manufacturers to reduce tire permeability by up to 40% – improving rolling resistance and consequently fuel consumption.

● Minerals for halogen-free flame retardants

Used as a partial replacement for ATH and MDH in halogen-1 2 free flame retardants, Imerys minerals boost char production, lower heat release rate and smoke density, and improve thermal stability.

● PoleStar™ 200R for low- to medium-voltage cables

PoleStar™ 200R is a high purity calcined kaolin, which imparts excellent insulation properties and improves compression in low- and medium-voltage power cables. Due to its low moisture pick-up, it is a particularly good choice for guaranteeing insulation properties under wet operating conditions.

● Polarite™ for medium- to high-voltage cables

Polarite™ silane-treated calcined clays grades are particularly suited for boosting the properties of the medium- to high-voltage cables and extruded products. Used in the production of medium- to high-voltage EPR3 and EPDM4 cables, Polarite™ provides excellent insulation and dielectric properties, a very smooth surface finish and excellent dimensional control due to low die swell.

● Hexafil™ for commodity rubbers

Hexafil ultrafine, ball clay or hard kaolin provides excellent compression set and abrasion resistance, making it a prized additive for shoe soles, rubber floor mats and heavy duty cables, among many other applications.

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