Incorez takes flooring to a new level

21 August 2012

Incorez, a leading global manufacturer of specialist resins and polymers, has launched Incorez 148/700, a waterborne epoxy curing agent for self-levelling floors, which offers an improved performance over existing market products.

Incorez 148/700 is specifically designed for formulation into high build systems that provide cost effective, highly functional floors without the need for plasticisers of solvents. These systems have good compatibility with both epoxy and polyurethane topcoats whilst providing benefits such as low shrinkage, zero VOC, very low odour, good flow properties and a long pot life.

Despite entering an established market containing several leading products, Incorez 148/700 is able to provide an improved performance over solvent-free systems as well as a lower price. The reduced amount of binder in the formulated self-leveller system gives a high filler to binder ratio thereby reducing the coating cost.

Ian Williams, Marketing Manager at Incorez, commented on the launch: "We believe that Incorez 148/700 brings an edge to the current market and offers superior quality to what is available – not only that, it’s more cost effective too.”

"Some clever internal engineering of this new hardener ensures that self-leveller formulations exhibit low shrinkage, high adhesion and good breathability.”

Other major benefits include; fast cure and early hardness development, good mechanical properties and excellent resistance to a wide variety of commonly used chemicals and staining foodstuffs.

This environmentally friendly product can be formulated into systems that comply with the German AgBB standards for emission free flooring.

For more information visit the Incorez website

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