Industrial Nanotech expands into China with roof coating

21 June 2012

Industrial Nanotech, an emerging global leader in nanotechnology based energy saving and sustainable solutions, has announced a significant expansion for their Nansulate crystal clear insulating and mould resistant roof coating into China. The patented roof coating technology provides a combination of benefits made possible through nanotechnology, including thermal insulation for energy savings, as well as mould, fungi, and bacteria resistance, moisture resistance, and UV and weathering resistance.
China is the country with the largest tile roofing demand in the world, including both concrete and clay roof tiles. According to The Freedonia Group report titled, "World Tile Roofing Demand By Type & Region 1999-2019,” world demand of roof tiles was 34.6bn ft2 in 2009, with China accounting for 42% of the world market, at 14.6bn ft2. World demand and China’s market share of world demand, are expected to continue to increase, with an estimated world tile roofing demand in 2014 of 40.6bn ft2, with China accounting for 42.6%, 17.3bn ft2. A further increase of 15% in world demand, to 46.8bn ft2, and 16.7% in China demand, to 20.2bn ft2, is projected in 2019.
"China by far is showing the largest and fastest growing demand both for architectural coatings and for roof tiles,” stated Francesca Crolley, VP of Business Development for Industrial Nanotech, Inc. "It was obvious to us to rapidly expand our new Nansulate Crystal sales and marketing efforts, which includes new roof tile test data and exciting branding and interactive micro-site, to China. We have a very strong distributor there in Beijing Woven Energy Efficiency Technology and they have been aggressively marketing Nansulate in a number of regions and are very enthusiastic about Nansulate Crystal. The combination of benefits, including the fact that the coating is clear and doesn’t change the look of the roof, has made it a standout solution. The multiple performance qualities provided by Nansulate Crystal…energy savings, extended roof protection from UV, resistance to mold, fungi, and bacteria…offer an unparalleled value added proposition. We have a powerful, patented multi-solution product that allows us to meet all these needs and more.”

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