Interpon coatings still going strong after decades

13 December 2012

Twenty-one years after application, Interpon D2000 coatings are still exceeding all performance expectations, even in tough climates. Tests carried out on the Mission Hospital building in California this summer show that both colour change and gloss level significantly exceed the products’ 15 year guarantee.

Interpon D Powder Coatings were the very first superdurable powder coatings. In 1991, the window frames and curtain walls of the Patient Tower of Mission Hospital, were coated with Interpon D2000 powder coatings. New tests measuring the products’ colour change and gloss levels demonstrated remarkable results. The coatings outperform not only the 15 year original product warranty but also far surpass the tough technical standard of the relevant American Architectural Manufacturers Association’s AAMA2604-10 for five year Florida exposure.

After more than two decades of exposure to very warm, bright sunny weather, overall colour change is still only 3.18, well below the 5.0 project guarantee and AAMA2604-10 limit. In addition, the coatings retained 59.4% of their gloss levels, where the 15 year guarantee promised >50%, and AAMA2604-10 requires >30%.

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