Italian customers visit Flint site in Willstaett

13 November 2014

Italian distributor, Macchingraf SRL, visited Willstaett in Baden, Germany, recently with a group of customers. At this site, Flint Group manufactures photopolymer printing plates, as well as packaging inks. The visiting programme included a factory tour and presentations about the latest products and current technology trends in the packaging market.

The initiative to drive production efficiencies in plate processing to the next level was well received and deemed to be one of the most important topics. With the nyloflex APP equipment, Flint Group has developed a fully automated premium processing line with outstanding productivity and consistency, including a washer, dryer and light finisher. The efficient automation and advanced level of standardisation leads to a considerably improved plate and print quality. In terms of standardisation, automation is a big step forward, which enables trade shops and printers to minimise process tolerances. Mistakes can be reduced with the result of a lower complaint rate and reduced costs.

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