Loctite goes to the Big Game

13 February 2015

Loctite is the first-ever adhesive brand to advertise during the annual championship game of the National Football League. Henkel Adhesive Technologies is advertising during one of the most watched television broadcast events of the year, becoming the first Henkel brand to do so.

This is the biggest sporting and advertising event in North America, with last year reporting more than 110M viewers. The game is also the most-streamed online sports event worldwide, with more than 25M tweets, America’s most-talked about TV event on Twitter. "This is a very bold move for Loctite, for Adhesive Technologies and for Henkel,” states Susanne Cornelius, Corporate Vice President for the Consumers & Craftsmen business at Henkel Adhesive Technologies. "So much has been achieved by our efforts for Loctite’s distribution, now is the right time to give consumers and customers a ‘big bang’ experience that will make our brand the top-of-mind choice and drive it further ahead of competitors in North America.”

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