Lonza applauds USA joining international treaty to control harmful anti-fouling coatings systems on

24 October 2012

Lonza Microbial Control, which has long been an active supporter of an international treaty to assure the use of environmentally sound marine coatings products, applauds the USA’s formal approval of the International Convention on the Control of Harmful Anti-Fouling Systems on Ships.

The USA will officially become a party to the treaty in November 2012. The treaty is designed to eliminate harmful antifouling systems, which pose a substantial risk of toxicity to ecologically and economically important marine organisms and specifically bans all use of organotin compounds, which act as biocides in antifouling systems. Lonza Microbial is one of the leading providers of environmentally preferred marine coatings solutions that help control algae and other soft-fouling organisms.

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