Lubrizol responds to growing market with China lab

05 October 2011

Lubrizol Corporation is planning to expand its additives testing capabilities with an additional laboratory in China. The technical services laboratory will be based on Jilin University campus in Zhuhai, Guandong, China.

The lubricant and fuels market in China is reported to be growing at a rapid pace, in line with the expanding domestic automobile industry. The testing laboratory in Zhuhai is designed to offer advanced technical services for lubricant and fuel additive customers and OEMs in China.

Capabilities will encompass a full menu of services including additive and lubricant blending, physical and chemical analyses and performance testing. Plans are also in place for a used lubricant analysis lab to support the company’s synthetic-based compressor lubricant business in the region.

Tsung-Fei Tang, vice president, Lubrizol Additives, China, believes that situating the facility on the Jilin University campus is beneficial for both organisations. He commented: "We are pleased to have this unique opportunity to work closely with Jilin University. Not only will this modern, high-tech lab bring valuable services to our customers in China but we will be able to build relationships with talented local students who may serve as Lubrizol interns and possibly as future Lubrizol employees.

"We intend to work closely with the university in a collaborative style to progress joint projects and other activities.”

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