Merck and Korean Pigment Producer CQV Settle Patent Dispute

05 February 2013

Merck today, February 5, 2013, announced that it has entered into a license agreement with Korean pigment producer CQV Co Ltd covering inter alia CQV’s product ‘Chaos Super Gold C-603S’

Merck sued CQV at the Seoul Central District Court in Korea in 2011, claiming infringement of Merck’s patent No. 724,175 by CQV’s production and sale of Chaos Super Gold C-603S. The patent protects a series of Merck effect pigments with unique natural gold-like effects. The parties have now agreed to settle this dispute by entering into a license agreement without resorting to a court decision.

Inese Lowenstein, Head of Merck’s Pigments & Cosmetics business unit, commented: "We are determined to protect our technical innovation and to defend our leadership position in the field of effect pigments.”

The Merck Group holds approximately 24,000 patents and patent applications, including 7500 for its Performance Materials division. Patent protection is a necessity for companies such as Merck that are built on innovation.

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