Minutes matter to help save lives

18 August 2015

The BCF is supporting a national campaign to convert red phone boxes into defibrillator stations in villages around the UK, which is calling on MPs to get involved to help complete a national network.

The Trust has written to all 650 MPs in the UK, calling on them to encourage at least one village in their constituency to adopt their BT red phone box and fundraise to install a defibrillator. Twenty paint manufacturers have offered to donate free paint to every local community that installs a Community Heartbeat Trust (CHT) defibrillator in their phone box, restoring the phone box to its former glory.

"We already have 150 defibrillators in red phone boxes in villages across the country but we need hundreds, maybe thousands more to create a true national network, where a defibrillator is available locally to help save lives” said Martin Fagan from the CHT.

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