Multiphase acrylic emulsion with excellent cleaning properties

19 March 2013

Alberdingk Boley has launched a two-phase acrylic dispersion, specifically developed for stain resistant wall coating systems in areas subject to high traffic and high levels of dirt pickup.

Alberdingk AC 2025 VP features excellent abrasion (up to wet abrasion resistance Class 1 according to DIN EN 13 300) and very good chemical resistance, particularly with disinfectants. Its unique polymer backbone enables solvent-free formulations in combination with good anti-blocking performance.

AC 2025 VP is optimally stabilised allowing superior pigment-binding capacity when compared to other multiphase emulsions. Adhesion promoters co-polymerised, during the production process, allow the binder to achieve excellent adhesion properties on traditionally difficult to adhere substrates such as weathered paint. In addition to wall coatings in areas subjected to high wear, such as schools, offices, department stores or hotels, other suitable application areas include residential paints subject to soiling and areas of increased hygiene requirements, such as hospitals or medical practices.

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