New and innovative CICPs from Heubach

14 April 2014

A new production line for Complex Inorganic Colored Pigments (CICPs) has been successfully started up in Germany that combines outstanding productivity and flexibility. It enables the production of chrome rutile yellows revealing premium high tinting strength pigments, which also exhibit a high level of chromaticity.
This unique class of P.Br. 24 pigments, commonly used in plastics applications, includes:

  • Heucodur Yellow 2550. It combines multiple outstanding properties in terms of chemical, temperature and weathering resistance with an extremely high tinting strength
  • Heucophos CMP is a zinc-free addition to Heubach’s anticorrosive pigment line, currently in the process of being introduced to the market. To date the performance exhibited by this product has been achieved only by using zinc containing anticorrosive
  • Vanadur 2108 is a new green shade Bismuth Vanadate
  • Heuco Fit LR is an innovative and cost effective pigment preparation line of six products, which allows the direct lead chrome replacement for the most important shades.

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