New consumer campaign for Huntsman’s Araldite adhesives

19 April 2012

Araldite, the Huntsman brand has launched a major consumer push in Europe with a re-packaged range using the description ‘Professional Adhesives’.
A new website,, features the industry credentials of the range as depicted through some key case studies since the first Araldite DIY adhesives were launched in Switzerland in 1946.
Applications shown include examples of Araldite adhesives being used in performance power sports and major construction projects such as the one at the top of the famous Torre Agbar in Barcelona.
The business is taking a fresh approach to its product range, packaging, marketing and distribution, re-launching first in the UK and France with wider roll-out plans to follow.
European marketing manager for DIY, Jean-Luc Pieau believes that there are considerable synergies between the industrial, professional and consumer markets.
"Fundamentally what everyone wants from an adhesive is a high quality, lasting result. Through our experience gained from decades in the most demanding of industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Construction and so on, now enhanced by our business in the newer technologies such as Solar and Wind Power, Sustainability and Micro-technology, we have evolved a product range that is ideal for consumers. Reliability, safety and performance are the key performance indicators.”
Consumers will get not only advanced epoxy chemistry but also pack styles such as syringes derived from industrial applications and consumer packs are also designed so that the plastic ‘blisters’ can be easily removed for recycling, coupled with new environmentally friendly product formulations.

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