NMT appoints new distributor for NPCC in Asia

16 August 2012

NanoMaterials Technology Private Limited has announced that it has appointed Nagase Singapore Private Limited for marketing and distribution of its nano-precipitated calcium carbonate (NPCC) and nano-metal oxide dispersion products (Nano-D) in Asia. The appointment is to support its rapid growing business and expanding opportunities throughout the region.
NPCC is a nano-sized functional additive in a wide range of applications such as coatings, rubber, plastics, architectural materials, adhesives, lubricants, paper and light chemicals. Nano-D is a series of nano-sized metal oxides such as zinc oxide, cerium oxide and antimony tin oxide dispersed in a wide selection of water-based or solvent-based media.
These Nano-products are highly transparent and have an excellent dispersability even at high solid loading (50%), which give unique properties such as UV and IR light absorbing/reflecting anti-abrasion, anti-oxidising, anti-static, photo-catalytic, oxygen-storing, electro-conductive, etc.
Nano-D products are widely used in applications such as coatings, plastics, rubber, solar control film, electronic materials and lubricants etc.

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