OMNOVA Solutions Launches PLIOTEC HDT 12

01 November 2012

OMNOVA Solutions’ Hydrophobic Dispersion Technology (HDT), provides adhesion and water resistance properties, making PLIOTEC HDT 12 one of the preferred resins for the formulation of glossy, anti-corrosion, also known as DTM (Direct-To-Metal) paints.
The manufacturing process selected by OMNOVA results in a hydrophobic functional polymer with minimal amount of free surfactants.
Anti-corrosion paints based on PLIOTEC HDT 12 display very low water permeability and excellent corrosion resistance, without the need for inhibitive pigments.
Such water-based DTM paints are recommended for the finishing or renovation of portals, wrought iron or metal sidings. They are characterised by a high gloss level, with greater ageing resistance and color retention. They also offer both mechanical and aesthetic qualities (film without residual tack, increased impact resistance and a smooth finish).
PLIOTEC HDT 12 provides excellent adhesion properties on all metals, ferrous or non-ferrous, offering a real alternative to solvent-borne anticorrosion coatings.
Paints based on PLIOTEC HDT 12 have been shown to be environmentally preferred with low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and compliant with the most up to date standards on Indoor Air Quality: PLIOTEC HDT 12 was used to formulate a high gloss DTM enamel (starting formulation upon request), which was then submitted to an independent laboratory. Its level of volatile pollutant emissions, tested according to the ISO 16000 standard, corresponds to the best class (A+) of the French labelling regulation.

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