Oxea increases prices

16 February 2017

Oxea has increased list and off-list prices on the following products effective January 1, 2017 or as contracts allow. Neopentyl Glycol rose by US$70/t (US$0.03/lb) and Trimethylolpropane by US$110/t (US$0.05/lb) in North America and Latin America.

For EMEA, Propionic acid rose by €50/t in Europe and by US$55/t in other regions, n-Butyric Acid and Isobutyric Acid rose by €60/t in Europe and by US$70/t in other regions, 2-Ethylhexanoic Acid by €90/t in Europe and by US$100/t in other regions and Isononanoic Acid by €100/t in Europe and by US$110/t in other regions. n-Valeric Acid, n-Heptanoic Acid, Pelargonic Acid rose by €100/t in Europe and by US$110 in other regions. Finally, n-Propyl Acetate, n-Propanol, n/i-Butanol and n/i-Butyl Acetate all rose by US$0.05/lb in North America and Mexico and by US$110/t in South America.

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