Oxea launches biocide quality n-Propanol

26 August 2015

Oxea has announced the launch of the new product n-Propanol (Biocide Quality). It is especially designed for manufacturers who require base materials that meet the most recent requirement of the European legislation for biocidal products, the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR).

"The effectiveness of disinfectant products containing n-Propanol as a biocidal key component, together with the importance of securing people¹s health, convinced us to enter this fast growing market sector,” says Patricia Hoffmann, Marketing Manager Intermediates at Oxea. "Our n-Propanol (Biocide Quality) is produced and handled according to highest industry standards in order to ensure its quality as a biocidal active substance and to comply with the regulations. By offering this new BPR-listed n-Propanol quality in sufficient quantities to our customers we satisfy market demand, and with our reliable logistics we ensure long-term supply security,” she continued.

"The ongoing trend to higher hygiene standards in hospitals, private households and animal husbandry calls for disinfectants that act quickly on bacteria and viruses, while being safe in daily handling. Adequate disinfection routines have saved multiple lives in current epidemic threats but unwanted side-effects like the promotion of multi-resistant pathogens have to be avoided. Oxea¹s n-Propanol (Biocide Quality) presents all these advantages. With it we are confident that we can successfully support the further development of biocidal products that contribute to creating a healthier world,” comments Jens Klabunde, Applications and Product Development Manager at Oxea.

Effective September 1, 2015, Article 95 of the Biocidal Products Regulation requires that a biocidal product consisting of, containing, or generating a relevant substance listed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) can only be made available on the EU market if the substance supplier or the product supplier is listed in the Article 95 BPR list, in which Oxea has already been included as an active substance supplier for n-Propanol by ECHA.

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