Powder Coating Summit

25 November 2013

For the third year, the PC Summit brings together the greatest minds in our industry’s technical and commercial communities for a two-day event guaranteed to energize directions to inspire new growth in powder coating technology. The event features a day-long symposium with talks on the emerging technologies that are changing our industry.

In addition, there is a full-day tutorial illuminating the fundamentals of powder coating technologies which includes a live demonstration of the powder coating manufacturing process. The event all hosts a networking reception where table top exhibitors can display their products and services to powder coating professionals.

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Papers for the PC Summit should present the latest innovations in technology and trends in emerging powder coating markets. We welcome papers about new developments in:

Powder Coating Cure Chemistry
Innovation in Raw Materials
Toxicity and Handling Issues
New Developments in Metallics and Effect Pigments
The Latest Application Technology
Advances in Testing and Instrumentation
Hyper-Durable Powder Coating Systems
More Efficient Cure Technology
Powder Application to Novel Substrates
Cool Color Technology
UV Curable Powder Coatings
NIR Cure Powder Coatings
Functional Powder Coatings
Aerospace Applications
Architectural Powder Technology
Low Temperature Cure
Heat Sensitive Substrates
Powder Bonding Techniques
Reflective Powder Coatings
Advances in Pretreatment Technology
Powder Slurry
Nano Additives for Powder Coatings
Thermoplastic Powder Coatings
Thermal Spray Techniques

For this event, 10 to 12 presentations will be accepted. Speaker abstracts and required speaker information MUST be submitted via the following link no later than January 15, 2014:
Speakers selected will be determined and notified by February 15, 2014.

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